Europe discovered from its errors in Hungary. It is shielding the regulation in Poland

Possibly someday the spring of 2019 might be remembered as the instant when the ecu Union halted the destruction of democratic institutions in its member states. Just study how governments in Poland, Hungary and Romania have backtracked on anti-democratic measures they were in search of to introduce. And this week, in a landmark ruling, the… Read More »

Of all of the hills to die on, why on this planet has Labour selected Chris Williamson?

Simply in phrases of story, i am pressured with the aid of the stakes inside the Labour leadership’s vision for the country. If you inform me this is a transformative programme to uplift the many, then I anticipate the film trailer voiceover to growl something like: “HOW a ways could YOU visit defend HUMANITY?” as… Read More »

How my past due dad’s impounded blue Skoda became a proxy for my grief

My lifeless dad’s car has been impounded, and it’s miles all my fault. I screwed up the admin, and now his a whole lot-loved sixteen-year-vintage Skoda Fabia faces obliteration. For the reason that i am the simplest toddler of two most effective youngsters, each deceased, and that certainly one of my 3am woodpecker threnodies of… Read More »

Who won the Democratic debates? Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren – and Trump

After two nights, and 4 hours, of Democratic debates, it is now up to the pundits and spin doctors to persuade people – most of the people of whom did not watch the debates – which applicants gained or lost. Clearly, this became no longer your parents’ Democratic birthday party. The celebrities of both debates… Read More »

I grappled with belonging in white Australia – naively I failed to suppose my kids would too

When we arrived, it turned into simply before commencing time. Rain had commenced pelting down, and a small congregation accumulated across the unopened doors. The ladies have been extremely joyful with the aid of the new puddles and splashed around of their gumboots. The ladies are pretty lovely – i’m able to say this objectively… Read More »

Calling the French ‘turds’ suggests Boris Johnson is the eternal spoilt 15-12 months-vintage

If you had been searching for to be tremendous approximately the possibly premiership of Boris Johnson – that is in reality now not my intention – you would possibly liken him to certainly one of his predecessors as overseas secretary and prime minister, Lord Palmerston, who dominated British politics inside the 1850s and 60s and,… Read More »

Wimbledon’s satisfactory psychopaths continue to scare off the next technology

The 3 names at the pinnacle of the having a bet for the guys’s singles at Wimbledon this year are so familiar that they can nearly be taken as a right. Among them, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal have received 14 of the sixteen slam titles in SW19 considering Lleyton Hewitt lifted the… Read More »